What I'm watching


Apparently has made some conspiracy theorists angry because they don’t know the difference between documentary and fiction.

Plus it’s rather good.


River Monsters (hosted by Myrmans twin😀)


River monsters is great


Scarlets stuffing Glasgow




How to build a Nuclear Submarine. BBC4. Looking out for @BobC


I is disappoint. Was expecting to see a Cusworth plinthed Techie SP10 R in the sub as an update to this:


Is that the one with that nugget of an ex boss of mine on his bloody motorbike? All it needed was the Top Gun theme tune to set it off :slight_smile:


I think it was. I watched it the first time round so didn’t bother to watch it again. I’d got all the bits together for the first showing, but there were quite a few instructions missing I think. So HMS Valvebottle is still work in progress. Are the records Linguaphone - Russian For Beginners ?



Yep, that was the one.

Looks like a cool place to work, plenty of job satisfaction for the craftspeople.


Nice Murphy B40 https://www.radiomuseum.org/r/murphy_b40_b_40.html. 46kg of valve loveliness.



Now watching Missions. French Sci-Fi about a mission to Mars.

Looks absolutely fantastic, but in typical French stylee, cram in as much melodrama as possible. And then cram in a shitload more.

Warning, spoilers:

In the first 25 mins: [spoiler] a 60’s Soyuz mission mysteriously fails, then fast forward to 2030 ish(?), to a billionaire funded French/Euro mission to Mars. The original mission psychologist has died in a helicopter crash, been replaced by a suitably hot replacement, who immediately shags the married mission commander, whose wife is also an astronaut on the same mission.

Btw, the crew are like, the worst astronauts ever…

Then an American mission somehow overtakes the frogs, and has a disaster…
Then the French ship malfunctions, the commander does an EVA to fix it, and, quite predictably, dies…etc etc etc [/spoiler]

Great fun!

Edit: it’s not meant to be a comedy, but it’s funny as fuck, just because.


I didn’t know what it was meant to be. It wasn’t a sci-fi; it might have space stuff but there’s no science to it at all. That element of it annoyed me too much. It’s like it was written entirely by “creatives” with no reference to anyone who actually knows anything.


Watched ‘A Very English Scandal’ last night.


Yes, vay vay good!


Bit like Gravity then? :poop:


Gravity is a PhD thesis on orbital mechanics compared to Missions. I’m finding it entertaining just because of how shit it is.

Of course the Russian guy (they’ve actually had the gall to use a real life dead cosmonaut, Vladimir Komarov) who disappeared in the opening scenes is found alive on Mars, despite being barbecued on re-entry in real life.


the last samurai on last night i have seen many times , the music is fantastic and so is the film . tom cruise at his best



Gravity was the worst because it promised so much - big budget effects, starts well with the shrapnel coming in timed intervals, then had completely epic fails at crucial dramatic moments, which were entirely implausible and totally destroyed credibility for me.

This one was never portrayed as vaguely scientific - the mission to Mars is completely ad-hoc, with no preparation or stuff sent down prior to landing. And the dramatic elements have no build-up: you don’t have any understanding of how stuff is planned to work, so when it fails (for drama) there’s no surprise or, really, caring.

When you see a well put together sci-fi like The Martian you realise that it can be done, drama and science are not mutually exclusive.

@Rob998 the fact that they appear have had to rely on supernatural is a sad indictment!


yes , the ending of gravity was dire . a real damp squib