What I'm watching


“Stop acting like your anus is a national treasure, you are a hooker for fucks sake” Quality line.



Watching Missions, the French sci-fi on BBC4.



Me too, thankfully the breakneck speed of the disasters befalling the woefully under-prepared French and American billionaire funded missions has slowed down and we are getting some story development.

The yanks from Z2 are obviously bad guys, they even have black spacesuits, as a nod to the traditional bad guys black stetsons… Jeanne is obviously going to shag Vladimir, and probably get pregnant with a triple strand DNA Martian sprog…

Still a bit silly, but getting a bit less ridiculous.


The Expanse saved!

Now I have to get Amazon Prime…




Saracens schooling Exeter in the Premiership final.


Live coverage of me watching the Monaco GP.


Haven’t watched one in years,used to enjoy it in the 70s/80s


IPL final


In which the Mumbai ball boys catch better than RCB…


Absolute legend of a film…


Watching a documentary about west midlands ambulance service makes salutary viewing . the pressures of the service and capacity issues is very challenging


Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960)

Classic film


King Lear BBC2 9.30pm tonight


Slight contrast there :grin:


Binge watching The Bridge. Onto series 4 now.


Just caught up with this, recorded from TCM

So bad it’s good. Actually not that good. Jenny Agutter is as decorative as always but she struggles (and mostly loses the struggle) to remember that she’s supposed to be doing an Irish accent. It has Sam Peckinpah. But as an actor. Which is not his strong suit.



Detectorists. Series 3.