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… my weight.

Only 4 weeks to go.




True Grit

I’m not a fan of John Wayne but this is a great performance by Wayne. The remake with Jeff Bridges isn’t half as good. There’s also a youthful Dennis Hopper who appears briefly as ‘a kid called Moon’.



Agree that it’s probably Wayne’s best film. ( did he win an Oscar for it ?) but I really liked the Cohen brothers adaption of the book.


Yes he won an academy award for True Grit. Jeff Bridges was well cast as Rooster Cogburn for the remake but didn’t leave the same impression on me as the original. When I first watched True Grit as a youngster (early 80s) it and the Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns were among my favourites. Difficult to top that.



Enter the Dragon on TCM now.


Love that film. Definitely John Waynes best as far as I’m concerned. Brilliant performances all around.


The Great British Bake Off 2010 on Netflix :rofl:


Just watched this

Some parts were not an easy watch. In the area the programme covered, one child in four gets selected to go to a grammar school if they choose to. The programme followed the four children in the main picture through the run up to the 11-plus and then we found out how they’d all done. Spoiler alert … Sure enough, one got a high enough mark to be selected. I was able to spot that child before the results were announced, and it wasn’t the most heavily tutored one. The disappointment in at least one other case was hard to take though.



It’s important to teach them this lesson early in life. If they’re not privileged with either money or real smarts, there’s a lot of disappointment due to them. This is our society.


Perhaps we should teach them how to change society.


I reckon you’ll get on a list if you keep making those kinds of remarks


I was, luckily someone lost it on a train :grinning:


watched nigel kennedey playing 4 seasons twice he was so good , wow he makes it sound so energetic


… or exceptional soccer skills, or a TV presence that the public happen to take to, or whatever it is (I swear it escapes me) that Liam Gallagher or Charlie Mullins or influencers on Instagram have got. Society certainly rewards some odd attributes.



‘Celebrity Culture’ is moronic at best and critically sick for the lions portion. What are we celebrating these days? Never mind special attributes, many appear to have special needs (mostly egotistical). The 15 minutes of fame some people so desperately ‘need’ is a reflection of a far deeper illness. Work shy entitlement, vanity and narcissistic urges puke through the screens of the nation, and we are entertained? Is it some form of inverse snobbery? I doubt it when I see 12 year old girls vivid orange with duck lips and eyelashes that could hinder air traffic control. - Yes I am sounding outraged, in fact my ass is aflame and if Celebrity love island turns me down again they will come to know a suffering only Stronzetto can bring.


I wouldn’t be able to watch that at present, too close to home…

For the last 18 months, we have been consumed with our daughter realising her ambition for grammar school. She got well over the pass mark in the eleven plus but was 2 marks short in the maths element. The headmaster’s appeal failed because (we realised afterwards) that it was pretty much a token attempt and that our village school have a history of not being that interested in getting pupils into grammar school. The appeal, run by OAP, ex-tory councillor types, that couldn’t make eye contact and weren’t really interested in having any kind of discussion, was just over a week ago and could go either way. We find out at the end of this week.

I haven’t time but I could fill several posts with gammon. Suffice to say, the whole thing has left us feeling really bitter about the education system.


I’m delighted to be living in an area that basically doesn’t have grammar schools


My niece just failed and my brother and his wife appealed and won. My niece struggled all the way through school and hated it as the other kids were that much brighter