What I'm watching


Deja Vu


a fascinating little spider weaving his web and dangling in friont of the cctv camera :joy:


Few punky docs over the weekend that maybe of interest to some on Sky arts

Tomorrow at 9pm;

Sunday at 12am ;

Sunday 10pm;


That’s my weekend viewing sorted, cheers :+1:
Have seen the Sid and Malcolm ones before, still worth watching, the Slits one is new to me , I think. Should deffo be worth a watch, the Slits were crazy.


It’s saying the Sid one is new but not sure.

Looking forward to the slits one.


Yeah I noticed that, Sky have a habit of calling programmes new just because they haven’t broadcast them before. I’ve definitely seen a reexamination of the Nancy murder before- I will be surprised if it isn’t the same one. Hoping for greatness from The Slits doc :+1:


Excellent BBC Arts documentary.


I really enjoyed that.


IOM TT coverage on ITV4

Having ridden the course a good few times (obvs not at racing speed) , I still can’t believe the balls these guys have…


I’ve driven the course in a car several times. I can’t believe people actually ride bikes at all around there.


They are nuts, simple as that…


Except they’re not.

I’ve met loads of TT riders (it’s probably the most accessible elite level motorsport) and the vast majority are incredibly normal and down to earth. Joey in particular didn’t seem to get what all the fuss was about, he was incredibly self depreciating, either that or he was a superb actor. David Jeffries was the same. And McGuinness.


Oh yes they are :slight_smile:


Airwolf :grin:




So it is. I blame my background in finance…


Having seen how fast they go so close to those walls, maybe defecating might be a more apt word.


Watched 4 men and 100& something children on channel 4 catch-up last night. Holy fuck, from a guy wanking outside recipients houses in the back of his van, to some sicko donating eau natural. At £1200 quid a go at fertility clinics, with no guarantee of success, I guess people become desperate but what a sad alternative.


This is the best film I’ve seen in ages. The dark side of the caravan club set :scream:


A typical shot from the film to whet the appetite -

Includes knitted underwear -



Agreed, excellent slice of darkly delicious. Also co-written by the two stars, Alice Lowe & Steve Oram.