What I'm watching


Great film.


Love this film. :camping::hocho:


Altered Carbon


People either love it or hate it. I absolutely loved it.

The Guardian asked an editor of Caravan Magazine for his opinion and he thought the film, which he described as “absolutely brilliant”, accurately captured the details of caravanning holidays.

Right. I guess it was the big picture then that doesn’t quite match up. Thank heavens.



combat dealer programme on renovation of ww2 jeep. fascinating programme with lots of snippets of history and amazing what lengths they go to to recreate the original , even searching out a tin of lice powder which was essential in those conditions of poor hygiene


I enjoyed the Very English Scandal about Jeremy Thorpe’s attempt to bump off Norman Scott. Catch it on the iPlayer if you missed it.

Pleased to see that the 2nd series of Flowers is being shown on C4 each night next week. The first series was one of the funniest things that’s been on in ages.


Yes thought Hugh Grant did a fine job as Thorpe.

Coincidentally just rewatching Flowers, all the characters are superb. Is Shun still writing and directing on the second series?


Yes, Very English Scandal was really well done.


Donna and I watched it, brilliant.


Last night was Top Gun night :slight_smile:


fantastic film


Finally got to see 3 Billboards last night. Every bit as good as I’d hoped. The only surprise being an apparent lack of Corn Brothers involvement. It’s more like one of their films than some of theirs are.


Sence 8 final episode teed up for tonight. Two and a half hours to watch. The show has been cancelled despite its success, a real shame. Apparently differences between production team members and contracting issues with the cast forced their hand.

I found it to be one of the better “sci fi” offerings on Netflix, shame.


Agree , it did feel very much like a coen brothers film , even down to the carter burwell soundtrack. One of the best films in the past year or so.


He definitely said corn bros.


I did. The Corn Bros made some great films.


There was that one starring Maizy Fields, what was the title?


The Wind that shakes the Barley? Or was it Straw Dogs?


Oh My Goth!

Vintage TV (Freeview 82), now.

The Mission, Bauhaus, Cure, Cocteaus…

No cider to make snakebites, so not getting the full experience.


Too late. I got Dianna Ross, now EW&F.