What I'm watching


Do you remember Scrumpy and Merrydown cider from the 60’s Rob?


I do Dave :+1:


I was only born in '69 Dave, but Merrydown was definitely still going in the '80s when I started down the path of pickling my liver…


I read that they are going to make a single feature-length continuation though, to tie everything up.

Edit: I just heard this has already happened, and therefore is presumably what you are referring to. Will have to see it!


Whipper-snapper :wink:


Scrumpy with dead flies and what not. The Bell in Hounslow used to sell it.


Still going


Yep. If it wasn’t fermented with a dead rat in the vat it wasn’t really Scrumpy.


watched brubaker yesterday with robert redford , excellent film

The new warden of a small prison farm in Arkansas tries to clean it up of corruption after initially posing as an inmate.


Just watched Blade Runner 2049 for the second time.


Black Mirror - Metalhead


just got that from amazon , love the music


The sound & music on bluray is great :+1:



Rillington Place






Is that a remake Rob - the original with Richard Attenborough is classic - amazing performance from him.


Yeah it’s the remake, I’ve never seen the original, I must look it up :+1:


Attenborough is utterly superb in it, absolutely nails being the creepiest creep, just after getting top marks in his PhD in Being Very Fucking Creepy Indeed.

He totally dominates it, despite John Hurts’ excellent portrayal of Timothy Evans.