What I'm watching


Tim Roth did a pretty good job in the recent TV version,


He certainly does.


The other thing I love is the deliberate drabness of the film to reflect the times.


Black Mirror - Be Right Back.


Goliath Season 2 on Amazon


There’s a Season 2? Great. :+1:

Now: Le Mans 24 Hours. Fabulous cars.


Be interesting to see how the Ginettas get on


very enjoyable film


Some wrestling thing on BBC 1 involving a football…


Anyone watching Rain on Netflix? Danish post-apocalypse kinda thing: rather goood


I watched it, it’s alright, worth a watch.


Yeah, I quite liked it, it wasn’t mould breaking or anything, but it was watchable.


Just starting Fauda



Just finished watching Madmen.



Love the lethal weapon series, just watched Bourne ultimatum


Luke Cage S2

Knowingly corny and manifestly shit. The Jamaican accents are what Dick Van Dyke is to a Pearly king. Spoiler alert, Irondick makes an appearance and turds on something already crippled by an overdose of moronic ham. I had to watch them all, mostly out of disbelief that it could be so plastic (I say plastic because this shit is cheaper than wood) but mostly as it was almost pleasantly numbing - Perfect pre nap material


Currently watching Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent. It’s basically Anthony Bourdain’s homage to the godfather of new American Cuisine. Fascinating program so far.


watching a fascinating character on the cctv walk up and down the street must be 15 times plus with an alsatian shouting very loudly in a foreign tongue into his mobile …


still going after 20 mins !!! what a lunatic