What I'm watching


Talking Alsatians, whatever next.


Ha … getting back on topic sorry . been watching cagney and lacey on 5 on demand . still good to watch


Jaysus. Talk about livin’ it large :roll_eyes:




Just finished watching the final two episodes of the last season of the Bridge. A convoluted somewhat implausible tale but well told & with some great acting. Worth a look.


It was good. Apparently the last series they’ll make…


I’ve got the last episode to watch when I get back.

No spoilers !!


Eye in the sky , well worth watching



On Netflix, interesting things being explored.


1st night of the Proms.

Holst: Mars. Wishing I had a big fuck off surround sound system for this one…


What people think all Holst sounds like: Mars
What most Holst sounds like: Saturn.


Oh I know, but it’s a cracking tune. I imagine him sitting back after finishing it off, pouring a big drinkie, lighting up a cigar and thinking “Have that, Tchaikovsky…”


Just finished watching Manhunt :Unabomber , really enjoyed it and I couldn’t help feeling a bit sorry for Ted .




The fading light, as I listen to records and drink beer.


Looking forward to 3rd series of unforgotten sun night


Just finished watching this


on Sky Arts. I hadn’t realised just how many 60’s/70’s bands Ron Geesin had been involved with, albeit peripherally sometimes.



Sharp Objects.


It’s quite True Detective in atmosphere.


Watched this on catch up. Great if you like Americana, @unclepuncle - Shovels & Rope featured in this.