What I'm watching


Indeed, tripe.


The Little Drummer Girl.

I rather enjoyed it :+1:


Charlie is extremely fit. I have no idea what’s happening.


I love the way it’s shot.


Charlie is extremely fit. I have no idea what’s happening.



I’ll watch the next episode though


Plenty of R2R faff to enjoy aswell :+1:


Anyone watched Norsemen on Netflix? It’s as funny as Monty Python (so misses as much as it hits, but sometimes it’s exquisite), with Vikings suffering comic angst. I’ve watched a couple of episodes and now have to stop and watch with the wife as I know she’ll love it.


Black Heart on ITV last night was, erm, interesting


This looks interesting


This will be a must-see


watched ww1 in colour and it was absolutely gripping to see what happened at paschendale and the background . superb film footage of the war in the atlantic with subs etc


Where did you see it? I gather the BBC may be showing it nearer the 11th. Having visited the Somme and Paschendale a couple of years back I’ll be interested to see how it looks on the period film.


They Shall Not Grow Old is being shown at 9:30 on BBC Two on the 11th Nov :+1:


The First


I think it was 5 select but can’t quite remember


Fair bit of tension. It could go the way of mawk but worth staying with (short term at least).



So cheesy and shit it’s good (and Ruby Rose)


Marc Bolan: Cosmic Dancer



yes , fascinating guy . never realised he was such a poet