What I'm watching


House of cards, S6


He was also a twat, but I enjoyed some of his music.


Kiss Rocks Vegas - Sky Arts

aka Pensioners in make up.


Just finished watching Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom. The CGI effects are stunning but the story was laughable.


You mean you watched a Jurassic film and expected a plausible story :grin:


The Last Tommies - BBC4

Riveting, horrific, sad, educational, tearful.


They Shall Not Grow Old on BBC Two at 9:30 on Sunday is seemingly a don’t miss documentary


Cheers Allan, set it to record. :+1:


I’m really looking forward to it. Especially after seeing some clips of it and reading a lot of the feedback about it from those that saw it on the big screen and also an interview with Peter Jackson about the making of it.


another episode of ww1 in colour , interesting to read how germany used Lenin for their own ends and all the various political moves . wonderful footage and very gripping viewing



I’ve just started watching Killing Eve today, like it :slight_smile:


On Netflix. Enjoying this a lot.


I want to watch that, but Hel gets too scared at anything remotely haunty, and I can’t help myself from pulling faces and trying to shit her up :smile:


It’s very, very good, isn’t it. Up to Ep. 5 so far…


Boy George and Culture Club - BBC4

FFS, had a great voice, but not now. He should join Elton, Macca, etc and retire gracefully. As my Dad would say

he couldn’t shout coal down a passage


Great American Songbook at The BBC

Sammy Davies, Dame Shirls, Johnny Mercer…


Ella - Every Time We Say Goodbye :heart_eyes:

Think I’ve seen this before, and Mickey Bubbles or Connick will be along soon to ruin it…


Ella Fitzgerald doesn’t get the credit she deserves now a stellar performer.


She was absolutely stellar Allan. What a voice.


For any old punks @loo The Damned doc/film on sky arts tonight at 10pm