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Neat, Neat,Neat
Cheers :+1:



Bridge Of Spies


My daughter watched that. She loved it.


This morning I’m watching Terminator 2


Love that.


Master & Commander : Far Side Of The World with Sam last night.


That’s a great film.

Tonight, They shall not grow old.

Peter Jackson’s handling of hundreds of hours of WW1 footage and recorded 1st hand accounts, with the battle scenes turned into colour & the footage smoothed to look like it was filmed last week. Extraordinary in the way it brings it to life. A must watch.




Just been to se Bohemian Rhapsody. What a brilliant film, highly recommended. Catch it while it is still on at the Cinema.


Watched the Outlaw King, a telling of part of the story around Robert The Bruce, culminating in the battle of Loudin Hill. Good fun all round.

However, get the history right you utter fucktards, it isn’t that fucking difficult"!


Oh man, how many liberties have they taken ?

Other than the bit about him going to Glenfinnan to see the Hogwarts express, I don’t know my Robert the Bruce history from my bumhole


Onto season 2.

Plenty of twists and turns, but overall not a great indictment of the Murrican police and justice system.


We could start with the duel between Robert and Edward 2nd at Loudin Hill.

Unfortunately Edward 2nd wasn’t at that battle.


On a scale of 0 to Braveheart?




I was expecting a blue faced Mel Gibson to jump out of a shrub almost at any stage.


I watched Outlaw King the other night it is ok but hardly a documentary.


Has to be one of the best documentaries ever…10/10 …music is good as well!


@murrayjohnson recommended that to me some time ago but I forgot about it. I’ll have to look for the DVD.


Some on Amazon used for around £2.50.or £7.00 prime…
You won’t regret it …Lou would enjoy it to!