What I'm watching


I have the vinyl copy. You can buy of Amazon £106 used.


It’s on Netflix.


Vinyl DVD Dave?




Very good, but it’s not a DVD.

It’s also not what Dave was referring to either :wink:


Dave is meaning the soundtrack to the dvd… the singers albums go for mega money …I won’t go into the reasons why , you will find out once you watch the dvd…I got the rerelease of his 2 albums …


The Auz and SA pressings used to go cheap but after the film the prices shot up


Lego Masters Ch4


This. In every sense a reality check.



Vinyl album.


Operation Live: Open heart surgery - Ch5


I know, Dave.

I was just…

never mind, carry on. :+1:


Just started watching Ozark. Liking it so far.


We’re up to about episode 6 or 7. Its pretty easy to watch , Peter Mullan is superb in it.


Been to see Bohemian Rhapsody. I thought it was bloody great. Some of the songs sent a shiver through me.


Operation Live: Total Knee Replacement - Ch5


My mum’s just had that done, under local anaesthesia. I seriously do not want to watch it.

Saying that she’s doing brilliantly considering she’s 86.


My Dad’s had his done early this year at the age of 84. Full recovery and walking completely normally now.

He says it is like he has got a new knee. Who knew?


Interesting. I shall need this in the not too distant future.


this op is under local as well. My Mum is waiting for a shoulder replacement.