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My mum had her op on a Wednesday morning and was home by the following Saturday afternoon.

She’s on an amazing amount of tablets, but she’s more mobile than I would have believed possible.


Thanks for the heads-up on that - I’d have missed it otherwise.
A few beers helped with the watching…


It’s on +1 (freeview ch 44) if you want to relive the sound of bone saws, hammer drills and actual hammers…


I’ll maybe catch up on the first 15 mins on catch-up, as it were. I got most of it. :smiley:


Good luck with it mate, my mum is crippled with arthritis, and even though she’s very early into the healing process, the improvement in her mobility is seriously impressive.


I’m not crippled, but it’s been getting steadily worse over 20 years. The thought of being able to walk 10 miles pain-free is appealing. Hey-ho.


If my mums progress thus far is typical, considering she has osteoarthritis in her spine to contend with, you’ll be fine.

My issue is that because of the normal NHS budgetary restraints, they make patients wait and struggle until they’re effectively immobile before doing the op, but are happy to prescribe enormous amounts of painkillers.

Surely it’s more cost effective to do the op earlier, especially in older patients, where the possibility of having to do a subsequent replacement is remote, than drag the process out and give out tons of expensive drugs? Eh, @crimsondonkey?


watching pm question time , fascinating stuff


a very good point , and an interesting question .


Arena Jon Savage on 66

BBC4 11pm tonight.


BBC 4 looks decent tonight

Primal scream doc at 9pm

David Rodigan doc at 10pm


ta for the heads up - set the box to record as we at the local


Tried watching the Outlaw King but it’s fucking awful and only lasted about 20 mins.


Primal Scream. In which Noel Gallagher has just said

“… there was us in … Cornwall. No offence …, but it’s not Memphis is it ?”



Doctor Who catchup.

Oh dear, crap.


That’ll be a craptchup then


For the 10th time,so good;


Saw it this afternoon. Bohemian Rhapsody , Really enjoyed it. The Mrs was blubbing uncontrollably towards the end bless her.
Will be playing some queen tonight!


very good.


David Rodigan at the BBC - brilliant…