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Me too


I’ve been listening to him on the radio for about 40 years! Lost count of how many times I’ve seen him play live.

He has influenced and continues to influence my musical tastes…

I loved that documentary


Dynasties on BBC1. In particular a scene where a group of chick burdened emperor penguins fall in to a ravine and get stuck. I watched thinking how shit it is that the crew never intervene in these situations as it was clear the penguins and the chicks especially, were fucked. At the end of the program they reveal that they couldn’t just leave them stranded and dug out a series of steps down the side of the ravine which the penguins,chicks onboard, promptly climbed up. Proper tear inducing TV.


Promptly ignoring the prime directive!



I thought this place would be a ghost town at 9 this evening, with all you cunts watching I’m a celebrity, get me out of here…:smirk:


Film crews are meant to be observers in these situations, not participants.

Harsh, but so is nature.


How’s it going?


The fact that you even know it’s on is alarming :woozy_face:


Unfortunately, I couldn’t avoid hearing about it Paul - my daughters are obsessed…:tired_face:


You have my complete sympathy.


I went to go to bed early, Jackie and my younger two were all in bed watching it. I am sulking downstairs having been exposed to 2 minutes of the tedium of it…

WTF is Nile Rogers doing on there (apart from coining it in of course)?


In that situation the penguins were subject to a severe storm and were blown down the ravine. I don’t believe the crews actions intervened in nature they simply offered the penguins a life line which they were intelligent enough to utilise. The crew absolutely did the right thing. IMO :slightly_smiling_face:


Of course you would think that, it’s only natural. However, unless the cause of their distress is man made (which in this case it wasn’t) intervention is frowned upon.

Like it or not, them’s the rules. As I said, it’s harsh.


They ain’t my rules. I think we forget than many different species of animal offer one another a helping hand in times of need. As supposed top of the animal chain it seems entirely appropriate that we offer help to other species where able and appropriate. Fucking hell they didn’t domesticate them and make them incapable of returning to a life in the wild, they dug few ruff steps up the side of a very slippery ravine :flushed:
Also as penguin numbers are consistently dwindling it could be argued as an act of conservation not intervention.


They’re not mine either, but they are the film crews rules.


Rules is made to be broken :grinning:


No, they’re made to be obeyed. If you choose to break them, that’s your individual decision. :wink:

To quote Sir David Attenborough

“All you can do there is watch tragedy. But tragedy is part of life and you have to show it. You can’t have sunshine throughout your life.”

I think it’s a question of where does it all end, where do you draw the line. Do you feed a starving animal, only to prolong an inevitable death? Do you then scare off a predator from taking a young antelope that has become detached from it’s mother?

Tough choices, but in the scheme of things, it has nothing to do with the human race. We should only observe and not interfere.

Btw, I am passionate about the natural world and will defend conservation of all species until my last breath, but I don’t believe that humans have any right to influence natural events.




Louis Theroux: Altered States



We humans intervene all the time, in nature.
Would you not rescue any wounded animal in you garden, or any you might come across? You don’t believe we should use all the rescue centres we have, for all sorts if wildlife? You don’t think we should rescue/feed up, the under weight hedgehog, in our garden?
They were not intervening in depriving another animal of it’s kill.
I know you are passionate about wildlife, but surely that was as natural, as you rescuing a wounded bird in your garden.