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But we do, constantly, it could be argued that the ravine opening in the ice was due to climate change or the fact that the penguins having an increasingly diminishing area of ice to breed on again due to C/C had forced them on to more unstable ice. It was a one off situation where a bit of heart driven, common sense saved nearly 50 penguins and their chicks from freezing to death. No predators were deprived of a meal and no interaction between animals and humans was instigated. That’s not a wrong thing to do it’s absolutely the right thing to do. We are not aliens we’re part of the same planet.


@loo and @catcando

It’s called natural selection

I realise that you will never agree with my (and the views of many experts who are far more knowledgeable than me) view, so we’ll have to disagree.


Tin Star on CH4, 1st episode, liking it so far.


Golem BBC4


I think you’ll find that we’ve had enough of experts


only caught a bit of this so will be watching again. he is a master at dealing with these sensitive matters . his interaction with folks was so sensitive . incredibly hard subject that has been a matter of huge debate . had a colleague who self diagnosed with mnd and went off to switzerland to dignitas . this area can be open to HUGE amount of abuse due to folks feeling obliged to do this to prevent burden to relatives , relatives who just want the money putting pressure on folks to do it . it is incredible where folks appear from when there is the sniff of inheritance


Season Three of “The Last Kingdom” which has now been picked up by Netflix after failing to be renewed by the BBC . All ten episodes of this season, released today.

Seems to be off to a solid start. More of the same…basically.


TLK as above and Narcos, S3.

If you enjoyed the tales around Pablo Escobar then S3 is more of the same, Mexico this time.


Bit of a coincidence, that I have also just started on season One of Narcos.


Has anyone watched the S2 of the Sinner on Netflix? Any good?


Half way through and, yes…


Cheers Pete.


Britain’s Nuclear Bomb




This looks good (don’t know if already posted):


Would be great to see that in the cinema. It was on the telly on Remembrance Sunday, and a very limited release in some cinemas prior to that.

Utterly compelling/horrifying/eye opening/heartbreaking/(add your own hyperbole here…)

I would definitely recommend seeing it, it is a brilliant example of how to bring history to life.


The ballad of Buster Scruggs on Netflix. New Coen brothers film. Pretty good & excellent in parts. A series of 6 short stories set in the old West.


Better Call Saul season 1 on Netflix. I know several have watched it and I loved Breaking Bad, but it took me a while to decide I could fit it in - a few transatlantic flights where I could binge-watch enabled that.

A slow burn but it’s gradually sucking me in, Bob Odenkirk as Saul is terrific.


It’s good isn’t it? I watched in on iplayer I while ago.


Currently watching Thomas Keller’s Masterclass series. So far I have to say I’m seriously impressed with his skills as a teacher. He also doesn’t appear to be a complete douche-canoe unlike Gordon Ramsey.