What I'm watching


I’m looking forward to this. I find the Coen brothers a bit hit and miss lately so hopefully this’ll be a hit.

As soon as I’ve finished Ozark I’ll give s3 of better call Saul a go. Agree it’s a slow burner but very very good.


There are some very funny moments, violent moments, sad moments, profound observations, a fantastic script & a great cast including Tom Waits. It’s a Coen brothers film.


Suede 2hr 15min documentary on sky arts Sat at 9pm followed by them in concert


Tiger Wodds play Phil Mickelson… charmless, contrived bullshittery of the first water.


John and Yoko: Above us only sky. C4 now

Film about the making of the Imagine album. Pretty good so far.


Top Prog drummer on that album.



Who that then?


Alan White.


I had forgotten that he played on a lot of the tracks. Only the two Jims came to mind - Keltner and Gordon


Enjoyed it. A fascinating insight into Lennon


The Brink’s Job.

Never heard of this before, but I can’t believe how much of it was stolen for HEAT :grin:


Well, that got dark quickly… :grinning:


The Liam Neeson one or the wagon train?


The Liam Neeson one was properly dark.

Got me to thinkin’ what had actually happened to that articulate young fellers limbs, previously, when it got cold and the pickin’s were slim…

The wagon train was just tragic really, and the Tyne Daly one was a good slice of American Gothic.

Liked that a lot.


Not a patch on My Name Is Nobody :+1:


Ok I have to watch that now


New Vikings next week on prime.

Finished the latest Kingdom on Netflix, an improvement now that Netflix have it.


Do you mean the Last Kingdom? ie the series that was on BBC. I enjoyed the first two was waiting for another.


Louis Theroux: Altered States.
America :pensive: