What I'm watching


Watched it yesterday. Enjoyed it a lot too. Coen brothers at there best.




Watched the 2nd episode of Tin Star on CH4 last night.


I quite enjoyed that series. I think there’s a new series 2 starting next month?


Babies: their wonderful world. BBC2 now.
Utter bollox. Child psychologists = scientists :roll_eyes:, charlatans IME. People who need to be told this shit shouldn’t have children.


The Last Kingdom was shown on BBC ,two seasons of it,the BBC decided in their wisdom not to show season 3. Netflix then took it on and showed all 10 episodes…
Vikings is on a history channel not sure whether it’s on Netflix also ,this is onto around season 5 or later …Roll on next week :+1:


Cool. I’ll catch up with S3. I liked it. it was devoid of dragons.


The First on C4. Fourth episode in and I’m of the mind that it is a right pile.

Simply not on.

Premise : Slightly interesting.
Characters: Clichéd and unlikable.
What’s happened in first four episodes : Fuck all.

The producers of this should be charged with time burglary.



Donna wifey watched a few episodes with me, and said “Well this is a A LOT better than the usual sci-fi rubbish you watch”. :rofl:

The First = Emmerdale in space (or not).


Haha, time burglary.


Just started watching ‘The Cry’ on iplayer.


My daughter is watching He-Man on Netflix :heart_eyes:

I’ve decided to join her. Think the wine helps though.


Skeletor rocks :smile:




Very much enjoying Filth


This might be worth a watch


School BBC 2 now. I fucking love this programme, despite being filmed through the Beeb’s rose tinted camera lens and it being a busmans holiday it exposes the horrendous destruction of state education through academisation and massive continual under funding.



You did better than me. I never got to the end of the first episode.



The highs and lows that lead to the war on drugs. Very watchable