What I'm watching


Watched this the other night, quite enjoyed it.


I’ll be watching this later tonight at 10pm on BBC4


You should tape it, Sunday 5pm top 40 stylee.


I’ll get the Nak and some TDK SA90’s out the loft ready :+1:


They have produced a few similarly styled programmes recently and they often look attractive. Sadly, the reality is that the musical interludes, which are great to watch, are overwhelmed by the shite that the has-been guests spout in between.

I would much rather see it done in a documentary format with more music and none of the sofa bound claptrap. I may well record it. At least I’ll be able to fast forward through the waffle and watch the remaining 15 minutes of music.


I hope you’re wrong but looking at the long list of ‘guest contributors’ I fear you may be right.

Stevie Wonder’s music is crying out for someone to do a more in depth piece on his purple patch from ‘Music of my mind’ to ‘Songs in the key of life’.


It’s just cheap, lazy TV from the Beeb again.

I can’t see that list costing a fortune to coerce on to the programme and there’s no other big production costs. I suppose there will be some royalties to pay, but that’s about it.

Like you, I hope I’m wrong, but if there’s more than 25% of the programme devoted to live clips, I’ll be surprised.


Recording it = fast forward through the talking heads.




Just caught up with this.
Will avoid the usual cliches like “inspirational” . Just hope he gets the sponsorship he needs to do the things he wants to do.


I know I repeated it, but Wayne seemed like he needed some help :+1:


James Morrison was embarrassingly totally effing clueless on the last show with Beverley Knight about “Vocal Giants”
Yep, the usual format I fear.
15 mins of the genius that is Stevie and the rest… celebs talking bollox.


Set in Paris this is a very decent film, strong story line and very well shot …What sucks harder than a circus seal is the over dub - Whats wrong with subtitles? Perhaps Netflix have lost faith their audience can read. The film is in the same vein as La Haine and Cannabis (Both of which are excellent ‘avec’ subtitles) Far more realistic than UK or US ‘gritty’ thrillers. The accents require a suspension of intellect even Trump would struggle to withstand. - A terrible shame


Jefferson Airplane: Music Icons

Sky Arts now.


I think you prolly just need to Finagle the audio settings in your Netflix app.

I’ve just checked this film in Netflix & mine is showing “French Original 5.1” as t’ default audio option for me with French Original ( 2.0) as an option & English subtitles selected.

I remember a few weeks back when starting to watch the excellent German Netflix series “Dark” I had to manually select German 5.1 audio & force set English subtitles, after being initially thrown a loop with the terrible English overdub. Maybe now I’ve forced this option in one instance it is now selecting my preference automatically. You should find an audio & subtitles option tho.


Nice and dark, very funny and one of the better marvel films.


“A pile of heads and a pile of bodies” :rofl:


The Stevie Wonder programme was pretty uplifting despite some of the talking heads. :+1:


I’ve just finished watching the recording of it.

Tbh, I couldn’t be arsed to FF through the waffle, so I watched it all. I’ll concede it was a bit better than I expected, but how good could it have been.


Tonight on R4

Or catch up with it on iPlayer.

His finest hour IMO.