What I'm watching


Yep, love that show, great performance by Elvis and the band too.


Nothing like I expected it to be, but moving and poignant all the same. They even manage to have a dig at Dumbf towards the end.

I must try to get hold of a copy of the concert DVD at some stage. I have watched the whole concert before, but it was quite a long time ago.


I recall watching that for the first time about 15 years ago on a warm night in Melbourne when my eldest decided screaming the house down was the way to cope with teething and the ABC or SBS played the comeback show at about 3:00 am. It is shocking how much he deteriorated from the lithe leather-clad '68 Elvis to the corpulent slug of his final years.


We (Strayans) watched live broadcasts of the '68 comeback as well as the Death Rattle gig Aloha from Hawaii. These were “events” on Oz TV and everybody stayed in to watch.
Poles apart. Even if you weren’t a fan (which I certainly was not), the latter gig was heart breaking.


Fury v Wilder.

Fury outboxing him so far.


extraordinary performance if the verdict goes as it should


LOL robbery!


It was this that made me take him seriously, never thought much of him before I watched this.


Fury looked much better than I thought he would. His movement was good.


Could be a good listen


I really don’t like Paul Gambaccini otherwise I’d have been tuned in to that.


I don’t mind Gambaccini. I think the programme might be interesting so I’ll give it a go. Probably on catch up, I tend to have other things to do most mornings.


Samsung phone ad,I love Ane Brun’s Voice


yea right, if I’d switched those lights on then “cunt” would be the response :slight_smile:


Watched this earlier,film/drama based on David Martin / Stephen Waldorf case from the early 80s




Just watched HIGNFY

It has reached a new low


Worst presenter ever.


Love that film.


Just got back from watching A star is born.
Cooper is very good.
image https://m.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi94288665?playlistId=tt1517451&ref_=m_tt_ov_vi