What I'm watching


Meh! No Cuntry and Western either.


And Beatles,Reggae,hip hop


Did you watch the drumming one?


Is there going to be a flute one? :rofl:


Missed it. I’ll have a look at iPlayer.


Apart from the Hoffner/Rickenbacker bit, the rest totalled 3 minutes.
When you say Reggae you mean Sound Systems with nothing about the actual bass players.


Bird box. Average.


You might enjoy the drumming one more,has bits on Bonham & Baker


There was a good drumming series on Sky Arts recently. The Art of Drumming. Very good it was


really enjoyed it a lot , the bed they made was so superb and the clock was a masterpiece


The Longest Day. Traditional Sunday afternoon viewing.


Ronnie is getting slaughtered…:astonished:


Went to see the Favourite this evening. Good story, great acting, 18th century strangeness, humour, filth and an amazing soundtrack combining baroque & some outright weird bits. Well worth a look.


Anyone watching Les Miserables?

I’m really quite impressed with it.



I like it too.


Been watching too. Certainly closer to the darkness of the book than the singing shit version.


Given it’s interminable droning nature i assumed you’d have liked the musical.


Sex Education on Netflix :roll_eyes:

Funny but why oh why try to Americanise the whole thing and make it look like an Murrican High School FFS. Stupid cuntz.


Wednesday evening. Looking forward to this


With the lunacy engulfing the rest of the UK your relocation is looking increasingly shrewd. :grinning: