What I'm watching


Well out of it, comes to mind.


It grated on me too much. Wasn’t sure what it was trying to be.


Yep, a very improbable scenario. I said to Ann right at the start that as about 2-3% of the population are blind anyway, why aren’t they out helping folk?


Appeal to Murricans?


It was a bit cack, really.


Sex Education in the U.S. of K.
I was completely thrown by it, one minute me and the wife were trying to work out if it was filmed in the Peak district or the Lakes (lovely scenery), then they cut to a school that is dressed up like Monsters University. Wank (being the operative phrase).
Still watching mainly for Gillian.


Why are you replying to me about that bollocks?



because I couldn’t for the life of me find out how to edit the comment once submitted, so ignore completely, sorry




This time, surely.


Hahaha, if only.

I’m watching Dan Cruikshank on BBC 4



Season 2


Very good indeed. If you have any interest in some of the UK’s more unusual wildlife, catch it on iPlayer. Very good photography and well narrated by Ewan McGregor, they managed to avoid the usual BBC hyperbole, for once.


I would be so happy if this is more than an AD hype


Watched the Bundy ‘Conversations with a killer’ mini series on Netflix. Hmm, bit mixed about it having watched it all last night.

The actual tapes themselves and the story of the journalist that ‘interviewed’ Bundy, make less appearances as the episodes roll, and the director chooses to focus instead on other players in the story, law enforcement and TV journo’s etc. The tapes themselves largely consist of Bundy having the opportunity to trot out monologues on all kinds of subjects which to be honest aren’t all that insightful and full of the usual avoidance and denial of who and what he was.

However there are some fascinating court scenes including the judge in his first case falling under his spell and giving him all kinds of leeway which he went on to regret. You won’t get your head around how poorly managed the proceedings were or the bizarre decision of the judge to compliment Bundy.

The other bit that is truly enjoyable if you like to see a narcissistic sociopath get put in his place, is the underplayed scenes where County Sheriff Ken Katsaris twice completely gets under Bundy’s skin and shows him he is not the one on control. He had met his match and he knew it.


I’m ill again, so I’m crashed out in the TV room watching My Little Pony with child #2


Hope it soon passes.

The illness AND My Little Pony!


Yes…best wishes and echo the above.

You could try selling them as unicorns! :slight_smile:


Cheers. Oldest is enjoying Allo Allo, which is still funny but dated in many ways