What I'm watching


The Goonies. First watch for my daughter, 9.



Very, very dark.


Can you not adjust the brightness on your telly?


Oof !


Part way through this - Nadja is in it - It’s German with Scandi overtones


Vice - definitely enjoyable if overly long. Some good performances but the direction is questionable at times.


Narelle’s YouTube shit :roll_eyes:


Quality time, Terry, quality time. Cherish these moments. :rofl:




She just put on Steve Hackett playing Suppers Ready…

Shit I love this woman :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The videos are shit reproduction and I cannot stand Nad Silvain (singer) but they are epic performances.


Just finished this. It seems Netfux have been cancelling this shows peers (Iron fist / Daredevil / Luke cage etc) I rather hope they don’t cancel the Punisher. Whilst the show stretches the plausible beyond the absurd the narrative and acting does manage in some ways to be considerably more compelling. Frank’s attitude and troubled mind makes Rambo look like Danny La Rue. I hope it gets a 3rd season along with Jessica Jones. As far as childish escapism goes (Excellent pre nap material) the Punisher delivers.


Just on Ep.2. Preposterous, but I’m enjoying it!


Enjoyed the first series and will be watching this one too.


TBF iron fist, daredevil, Luke cage and electricity man (can’t remember the name) are all extremely shit and dull.

Started watching Titans which is also quite good, despite being a teen superhero thing there’s plenty of violence, swearing and Robin is a bit of a sadist.


Except all DC super powered characters are one dimensional and poo.


Tin Star S2.

Mmmmm…Christina Hendricks!


Except Daredvil is fucking brilliant. Rest are shit, yes.


Iron Fist was the stand out turd in the bowel - I’m not sure it could have been more irritating. He needed kicking in the khun-lun


It looked massively shit, so I avoided.