What I'm watching


I blame it on US TV scheduling which can tailor its ad breaks to accommodate film lengths from about 105 mins to 130 mins. The TV screening revenue is, or at least used to be, significant apparently.



It’s called FILM. Fucking R2R monkeys. :exploding_head:


Let them take food into the cinema. :joy: Start at 7pm


Ooh, stroppy is on his man period :grinning:


We could. The Arts Centre accommodate us as a private hire so we can do as we like and we already take drinks in. The film purists grumble about the rustle of popcorn and choc wrappers though. Heaven knows how they’d take to the slurps and smells of clam chowder or chicken kiev.



Just noticed that. :open_mouth:

We paid a fiver to see the Favourite at our local Vue the other day. I despise the whole Vue experience but for a fiver I’ll just about put up with it.


Cineworld in the Thames valley ain’t cheap https://www.cineworld.co.uk/cinemas/didcot/8040#/summary. At least it’s just a 5-minute walk away so there’s no time/money spent on travel.



There’s a lovely local cinema near us, we try and go there whenever we can.

It has a crap website, but it’s all part of the charm… http://www.ritz-belper.co.uk/


My local cinema offers a cheese plate for £7, which is ace. You get four pieces of OK cheese, the quieter biscuits and some grapes, apple and celery. Could be a nice little earner for your society?


Which are the quietest biscuits? :thinking:


I said quieter. That means the really brittle ones are avoided. Finding the quietest would be a serious mission deserving of its own thread.


I know what you said. I just thought you might have done some testing :grin:


Air biscuits


Lemon puffs




I enjoyed this mainly because Alan Arkin is so good. The writing and acting seemed to get better as the series developed which is positive sign that it’s getting the viewing figs and the writer investment. New series commissioned apparently. Douglas is good too, a little 2D but got better toward the end.

It’s all about ageing so should be definitely be on the menu for this place :joy:



I did manage to go to see bohemian rhapsody a couple of weeks ago after my 18 year hiatus. Will probably leave it longer this time


fig rolls or garibaldis are pretty quiet :+1: