What I'm watching


It was. Some superb performances and cinematography. I really, really enjoyed it.


Me too. Such lavish productions are thin on the ground these days.


There’s a BBC adaptation of the War of The Worlds coming up too, partly filmed in Liverpool. I hope it’s half as good as this was.


I’m partial to a bit of WOTW. :+1:

I presume they filmed the aftermath sequences in Liverpool?

No impact on the budget :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



They used footage of Ólans @htm_1968 house whilst it was being renovated to depict the devastation wreaked by a Tripod attack.


Cuntz :grin:


White House Down.

Shit House Brown.

So bad, it is funny.


Building the Channel Tunnel.


I’ve got that on record. I wonder if it will all end in tears …



While we’re on the subject, I also recorded episode 2 of this


while I caught up with episode 1. That was about how Cameron handled, or in fact spectacularly failed to handle, the various players in the Europe squabble over the years from 2010-2016, ending with his downfall after the referendum.

The programme makers persuaded some big names (van Rompuy, Juncker and Tusk from the EU, Sarkozy and Hollande from France, a smattering of representatives of eastern European states, Osborne, Hague, Clegg, Ivan Rogers and a few political staffers from here) to try to explain how Downing St lurched from crisis to crisis. I guess the price for their participation included letting them tell the story as they saw it without challenging them much. They mostly blamed Cameron for everything. He did come across as very good indeed at annoying people. But they couldn’t avoid revealing quite a few truths both about the situation (doomed to end up as a train wreck right from the start, given the catastrophic disagreement within the Tory party) and about themselves too (e.g. Sarkozy came across as arrogant and unhelpful).

I’m looking forward to E2.



That’s because he is arrogant and unhelpful. He’s very typically right of centre Frenchman.


Watched the first two episodes last night. Very enjoyable.


Has anyone watched Sex Education on netflix? I had just assumed it was a pile of shite from glancing at the resume, but then I saw this on my tiwtter feed and my day (life, frankly) got turned all upside down


Well. That’s perked up my morning << :fist: >>


Fascinating programme and then they stopped just as they got a leak…aaarg the suspense


There’s me thinking you were still talking about Sex Education


Dont think the wife would let me watch that !!!


FWIW I haven’t considered asking Mrs Craig whether she thinks I ought, or ought not,to watch Gillian Andersen giving a corguette a handjob.

Some things are best kept to onesself

PS: https://www.imore.com/how-clear-your-viewing-history-netflix


Ha , my wife is better than sherlock holmes , i cant even sneak a dirty can out in the recycling !


Yes finished it last night - I really enjoyed it, some excellent acting and a slightly surreal feel to it, plus the Wye Valley looks pretty. As with practically all English drama/arts it’s about introspection rather than the big issues but a lot of fun for all that.