What I'm watching


Event Horizon



Great film with very strong message at the end


Yes very sprightly and still has the eye for a great shot.


Bohemian Rhapsody - pretty standard biopic in some ways, lifted by excellent performance from the fella playing Mercury.

Also the actors were mostly dead ringers for the band.

What a mixed bag Queen were though.


Fans seem to like them :unamused:


How many Freddie posters do you have on your bedroom wall, Oz?


I have overbite tribute wallpaper :metal:



Is ‘seem to like them’ a bit weak for a fan? Otherwise would something like this work for you?

I would qualify as an avid non-fan of Queen.


:+1: I thought everything was shit after Seven Seas of Rye


:+1: Excellent synopsis.


Phil and kirsties , Love it or list it . its interesting to see how she turns these boring old places into something interesting by knocking a few walls down .






Isn’t that what your neighbours do? :wink:


ha …yes :grinning: but its not beautiful !!!


I’ve been hitting the Cineworld card hard this week. Saw The Favourite, Alita: Battle Angel and How can you ever forgive me?

The surprising winner was the latter, which would be great even without Richard E Grant going “chin chin”. Favourite also really good, Alita was only OK, which is a real disappointment. Christoph Waltz rather miscast.


will put that on the viewing list

i see another favourite , bergerac is coming back




well he did have some nice cars !!