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I only remember one, a Triumph Mayflower?


was it this one ?


Triumph Roadster. They were cheap as chips in the 50’s because they were rust prone and unreliable.


Yes, fugly. Great for undercover work though :grin: My uncle had one, but a hardtop.


I’ve always felt X-fucktoid was a gammon youth program
I had Bergerac pegged as senior gammon fare…Not sure why


The builder on last night’s is a very good friend of mine.


She looks nice.


well they seem to have done a very nice job , wish he was near here when i have saved up for an extension


You obviously haven’t been subjected to her godawful ‘craft’ programme.



Are you now 4D trolling Dave? :smirk:


She looks like the green Quality Street.





Just about to start The Expanse S3…


You got an Amazon sub, Pete? Or ‘Alternative Measures’.


I have Amazon…


the hunt for red october , connery and baldwin at their best


Great film that :slight_smile:


The Two Killings Of Sam Cooke’ - Netflix Documentary

Interesting documentary that could have probably been done better (I fucking hate quick edit talking heads that really say so very little) His start in Gospel through to the segregated circuit (Having to sleep in a morgue) was fascinating - His activism,his business sense (Starting a label) The death of his son was deeply moving. The overarching ‘take away’ from the film however is just how fucked America and the music industry was (and remains)

Edit: The film also mentioned an LP recorded Live in at Harlem Square Club in 1963 that was not released until 1985 as RCA believed it would disenfranchise Cooke’s white fans - Apparently the sound was too raw and black. Sadly being released in 1985 doesn’t bode well for pressing quality but I’ve had a listen through and Cooke’s live version of ‘Bring it on home to me’ (26m 35ish secs in) is Guttural gospel shouting brilliance.



Just seen the last part of this https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0002jn8. Excellent once again. Some very hard truths were spoken. There were a couple of moments when I laughed out loud. The look on Tusk’s face, captured through some photographer’s long lens, when he learns what Merkel and Rutte have got up to with the Turks behind his back … the sniping at Renzi for demanding that all the other states help Italy with the migrants (I wonder if they now wished they’d been a bit more co-operative, given the Italian government that replaced him ?).