What I'm watching


the rest of the programme on the making of the channel tunnel , to see the competition between the french and english to meet at the meeting point M . in the end the english went further . incredibly the meeting up of the two tunnels i was only out by 35cm which is pretty stunning really


Due South, being repeated on True Entertainment.

Love that show, despite it being very much of its time and slightly silly.


Oh yeah with you all the way on that one :laughing:


Loved the episode with the trebuchet and piano



Wasn’t that Northern Exposure?


Bollox - you’re right.
Chalk up another fail for the Abbott camp.


Northern Exposure was a great programme, certainly for 2 or 3 series anyway.

I didn’t see any of Due South.


Neither did I it seems :roll_eyes:


They may well have had a trebuchet & piano scene. We just didn’t know about it.



True Detective S3, about half way through and proper hooked.


When I read the online blogs after each episode I realise how much I miss despite watching quite attentively. It seems like an extremely complex narrative although as with S1 it’s all there.


I suspect the answers are less important than the character analysis now. The bits are all about in place to work it out.
The dynamics of how it affects the people involved are the way forward?


Crimson Tide


love that film , i just got the soundtrack too



A week or so back I was wondering why we didn’t make dramas along the lines of True Detective.

Overdue, I just started watching Red Riding which I somehow missed when it first was shown. Not quite the same but period grit none the less. Based on the first film, recommended. (On All4)


Just finished watching Collectables On iPlayer…fellow with 75,000
Cds and a bloke with over 300 drum kits …well worth a watch ,it’s series2 ep 3.


remind me where thats from ?