What I'm watching


True Detective S3.


Finally gotten around to watching Twin Peaks the Return. On ep3 and it’s truly glorious Lynch bonkers nonsense.


That was a great series & it gets a lot weirder as it progresses!


Loved the Chromatics playing in the bar at the end of Ep2 :heart_eyes:


It makes no sense at all but it’s great.

Some of the episodes are just a piece of art. Nothing more.




Just starting watching The First.

Holy crap, Sean Penn’s physique!


Enjoy it, because everything else about that whole series is utter guff.


in heaven last night watching Bullit on itv4 and listening to that wonderful soundtrack…totally delicious


In a submarine comedy kind of way :slight_smile:


Evocative stuff from Lalo Schifrin.



Red October


Guy in the first picture looks like is about to ask what I am supposed to do now.



I assumed it was the final flourish at the end of his rendition of ‘My Way’ in the nuclear sub’s fortnightly karaoke night, broadcast over the PA. Talk about ‘having to make our own entertainment’.



Wouldn’t recommend anyone to have a go themselves, but…


He’s wondering why all his lights have gone out.


Just listening to soundtrack of crimson tide, another great sub film


Formula E Mexico

History repeats it’s self as Piquet hits the wall…


Watched ‘Williams’ earlier on BBC2. If you haven’t seen it already then it is an extraordinary film. With our very own f1eng of course (spot the Tune Animas).



Yeah, watched it last night. Was quite emotional.