What I'm watching


Hookie stole from Ennio! Never realised.


Watched it too.


Just watched that, very good :+1:


Also just watched it,excellent doc.:+1:

Still surprised i wasn’t involved in an advising capacity though :roll_eyes:


Traitors - C4

Needs to improve substantially, if the first episode is anything to go by.




Just starting that now, recorded it earlier :+1:


John Wick

Never seen it before…


Black Lightning S2.



Mesmerizingly awful, good pre nap viewing


Don Letts film about Skinheads BBC4,
Good but some rose tinted nostalgia about Skinheads from the 70’s -80’s . Far too much time given to Gary Bushell the wankfather of OI.


enjoyed the bbc 4 programme on west indian history in brum , wonderful community and we knew a few from the programme . they are just a total delight… especially the older community



This was interesting.

A bit about gardens but a lot about Japanese culture & aesthetics.


I’ve been to Japan, the gardens are stunning, thanks for the link, I’ll have a watch :+1:


I see Netflix have cancelled Jessica Jones and The Punisher. :frowning:


Apparently The new Disney Chanel may be picking them up?


Maybe, unclear if they are, or doing other marvel shows but, at least that’s how I read it.


Terrible news, pre nap viewing has been messed with - Bob, where’s bob, I need to unwind.


The Punsher was one of the best things on there.


How would they pick up the ultra violence of the Punisher?