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Disney gets nasty?


You’ll have to paint along with Nancy…


Daytona 500


Fab , love Japanese gardens but not their knotweed!


Pale Rider


Is that “nice piece of hickory?”.

Been a long time since I watched that.


That’s the one.


Saw it in Christchurch cinema many years ago and amost know it off by Heart now. The scenery is marvellous , has anyone seen his latest film the mule ?


I haven’t seen Mule, but it’s certainly on my list, I’m a bit of a fan :slight_smile:


Me too , pale rider is tops , then dirty harry and gran torino


Started watching Daredevil based on reviews from here. Not bad, not bad at all. Fisk, he’s the “blow yer brains out” fruitcake from Full Metal Jacket, non?


Oooof, brave. It’s a tad naff, but enough Marvel heroes to go round I suppose.


It’s a grower. Stick with it and you appreciate its subtle charms (as ridiculous as that sounds). Compared to sons of anarchy (which I also liked) its like Shakespeare. It took me until about the 9th episode or later to realise how much I was enjoying it.


John Barnes on QT, guess the producers didn’t learn from the Joey Barton experience :pensive:


I think he’s doing well. The very, very middle class woman from Spiked, professing to know what the Working Class are thinking is more of an embarrassment.


Reginald D Hunter’s Songs of the Border. BBC-2 now.

Fuck QT


It’s getting good, Chris Leslie has just accused Shami Chakrabarti of getting a peerage for a bent report. Now JB is ranting about Liam Neeson, justifying him, missing the point of his “disclosure.” It’s like a verbal version of 1970’s Wrestling on World of Sport. Discussing Shamima Beggum now :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Nah, it’s a circus with hand picked fuckwits in the audience. I’ve said it before, but this time I’m really done with it. It’s nearly as bad as PMQ’s and that’s saying something.


She’s a monster. What an abhorrent rant she’s just let rip.


The audience were suspiciously quiet tonight :zipper_mouth_face: