What I'm watching


They’re hand picked man, a lot of them are just stooges for whatever the Beeb want to get across


Lots of Airbus employees/supply chain etc in Chester. I suspect they’re seeing the chickens coming home to roost.


Yeah I agree, but they had definitely been subdued tonight. The panel were given so much time they became quite animated and talked some proper bollocks.


Hence my departure from wanting to throw the telly out of the window.

Reginald D Hunter’s Songs of the Border is rather good :wink:



On iPlayer.


Love it, my favourite was the farmer with a plank that crossed a ditch that was also the border so had to have the patrol come out for Clarification.


Sings Dylan II on BBC2

I’d forgotten how bad Mick Hucknall’s version of Positively 4th Street was. I’ve heard better karaoke versions booed off stage.


I’ve seen that programme before, but it only reinforced my view that precious few of them were better than the original


Just finished watching Sully. Schlock, no horror.


2nd episode of Monty & the Japanese gardens. Well worth a look if Japanese aesthetics appeal to you.


Holly Willoughby boobies.


Gunman, Sean Penn again, bloke spend a lot of time in the gym!

Oh, the film is bloody great.


Looking forward to this wherever it gets shown


Looks fantastic


I’ve just finished Altered Carbon, how cool was that?

One day I’ll catch up with the 21st century…


I wouldn’t bother. I don’t think you’d like it.



This Time.


Das Boot
Sky Atlantic


Cunk on Britain.