What I'm watching


The end of True Detective S3


Sex education, whilst Americanized and immature it is watchable for the odd laugh


The endless flashbacks spoiled it for me a bit.
It sort of fizzled out for me, in a rather simplistic old men go for a drive and sort it one afternoon kind of way.

Bit ambivalent about it right now. Not enough surprise and a bit contrived.

That said I enjoyed it.


We are so conditioned now to expect a complex conspiracy involving shady powerful men abusing children with the connivance of dodgy priests etc that it becomes easy to lead an audience along those paths.

I liked the way it played with his memory or the failure of his memory. Did he realise who he’d found or did he forget immediately? Was the wife the true detective?

I also liked the scene with Hoyt. But some good acting & dialogue throughout.


Bought the DVD after KettleJnr liked watching it over Christmas. Proof that you can make shows for small people that aren’t shouty adverts in all but name.


It’s brilliant :+1:


Watched Cold Pursuit last night. Not what I expected and actually much better for it!


Indeed - I thought it had all the comedy of a Tarantino albeit slightly less gory. I really enjoyed it, especially as I was expecting a sub-Taken grind.


Watched and enjoyed this last night. Some good performances and well developed story avoiding the usual cliches.

image https://is1-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thumb/Video122/v4/39/c2/35/39c23535-7241-1c67-f6d2-79cc322680fe/pr_source.lsr/268x0w.png


Cliches like the mean, grumpy old Texas ranger character or the resentful failed ranch brothers (who are completely opposite characters, with no resemblance to each other) who manage to successfully rob lots of banks that employ a solo 99 year old security guard or the uncharacteristic show of emotion when grumpy’s partner gets it and his ability to shoot a fly from 5 Miles…
That you always get in these films :grinning:


Apart from those yes :rofl:


The Satanic Verses: 30 Years On


Wouldn’t say it by any mean avoids clichés, but I thought it was an excellent film.


I watched all 8 episodes of Russian Doll, last night. Flipping brilliant!


A colleague recommended that, good then?


Really good! Superb character development over the duration of the series. Really clever writing. Yeah totally recommend it. I found the beginning of the first episode didn’t totally grab me immediately, so I had to persevere a little, but it didn’t take long before it had me.


Watched the first episode of The Man In The High Castle on Amazon Prime.

Somehow I’ve seen this before? How? Was it on Netflix at some point?


It’s a Philip K Dick story. That sort of thing happens all the time (or does it ?).



just got round to watching blood works with clint eastwood . Ok but not as good as some