What I'm watching


Thanks Nick I’ll put that on my Watch list :+1:


Twin Peaks S3 Ep8, the one with NIN playing.

Utter work of art. Just WTF :slightly_smiling_face:


It was a mad episode. I did like the radio station with a Western Electric turntable.


Ahh, is it time I gave S3 a chance then? I haven’t watched it yet.


I’d recommend it but read around the subject to remind yourself where the story was left & find an episode guide online to accompany your watching of it so you can better interpret wtf has happened in each episode!


Or just watch it for what it is and don’t overthink it.

Most of it makes no sense. It just is.

It’s art as much as tv.


Leave No Trace on DVD - liked it a lot (4/5) if not quite the amazing film some reviewers said.


Soft cell bbc4 in a minute,then synth Britannia at 10pm


Same here.

Just watched TOTP 1983 and got a nostalgic winkie twitch from Bananarama (I loved Keren, but I reckon Siobhan would have been more exciting…)


Saturn V: The Story


It’s about to finish Rob, so watch the Soft Cell thingy on BBC4, and lust after Dave Balls neon R2R sign…


That neon R2R is so cool😎


I have the serious wants.


Just caught the end of the indoor athletics on BBC2. The way Laura Muir destroyed the rest of the field over the last lap of the 3000m was really impressive. Between that and the 800m final in the pentathlon there were also plenty who were very easy on the eye too …



Olympic fapping for the win?


Muir is serious talent and recently qualified as a vet.

I bumped into her before xmas when I was out on the bike and she was doing a gentle (by her standards) run. :+1:


Marianne Faithful doc, BBC4.




I missed the first 20 mins but I found the rest interesting…I will watch again…
she was stunner when younger …I’m Mick but not as lucky as Jagger


Johnny English.

Natalie Umbrella is lovely :heart_eyes: