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The Pledge

A 2001 film, directed by Penn and starring Jack Nicholson.

I’d seen it on Netflix for a while and kept meaning to watch it. I wasn’t disappointed, a superbly written film, well directed and acted. The subtleties in the film twist and turn the plot in surprising directions. How good is it? IMHO it’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest good,

I’ll watch it again in a months’ time, that’s for sure.


Some interesting footage in this James Mason narrated film from 50 years ago.

Much has changed


and Fleabag. Brutal


Alan partridge

Struggling with this series


Knightfall - Review



The new Fleabag! Yes, I noticed it had returned. Not seen yet, but looking forward to it!


Living up to expectations nicely.


I think Coogan plays him brilliantly. He’s just become such a well developed character that it’s almost real. A bit like watching Peers the twat or Richard Madley for 30 minutes or any of those career desperate host show dicks. Not always funny but always sharp as a razor.


shetland on bbc 1 ok , highlights some of the issues in trafficking


On tonight…

Don’t miss IWM’s documentary film Britain at War: Imperial War Museum at 100, which will be re-broadcast on BBC4 tonight at 10pm.

In 2017, the Imperial War Museum celebrated its centenary. It was founded while the First World War was still raging and, in its first hundred years, IWM has expanded to include four other branches including IWM Duxford.

This programme, presented by Falklands veteran and charity campaigner Simon Weston CBE, looks at ten key objects from IWM’s collections. Al Murray looks at a Spitfire at IWM Duxford, and explores what the iconic aircraft reveals about the story of conflict.


Yay, a new series of Wheeler Dealers tonight.


Really enjoyed James May’s Big Trouble in Model Britain.

A world not unlike our own where stuff is far more expensive than you might think and the main consumer is over 45 and male. I know I am in both worlds. :slight_smile:


The Yorkshire dales and the lakes on together channel. Brilliant stuff with stories of folk


Leaving Neverland. C4




Bohemian Rhapsody with Claire and Lauren. Ellie is watching some youtube conspiracy theory shite…:roll_eyes:

Wish I’d seen Queen live, bet they were a great night out.


New Janis: Little Girl Blue - Sky arts



Bruno watches those. We are about to introduce a family YouTube time limit per day…


I manage that twice. Once in hyde park and also Nov 1973 they were supporting Mott the Hoople and upstaged them I thought.


Bohemian Rhapsody. Not a huge Queen fan but it was really enjoyable.

Amusing use of a 401 at the office of the EMI bigwig. Someone pretended you could turn the volume down by operating the pitch adjust knob. Nice bit of artistic licence. :grinning:

The Live Aid recreation was very good though. Moving moment.

Prompted me to seek out Bowie’s set from the same day.