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I got told off last night for pointing that out. Apparently I’m a sad twat.

To be fair that’s not the worst bit of artistic licence in the film, but I really did like it, even though it’s obviously a sanitised puff piece.


I went with a mate to Elland rd in 82, I wasn’t a Queen fan then and still not but they were fantastic live. If R T wasn’t such an arse l would have probably become a fan after that concert. It was the biggest gig I had been to at the time and they rocked the place.


I saw them at the Locarno Ballroom, Sunderland in 1974

They were amazing and I loved that first album. My interest started to wane as they became more commercial.

I still have the first album cover (ripped off the wall in the foyer) that they signed for me after the concert. Talking to FM in a full length fur coat, full makeup and black nail varnish (him, not me) as a naive 16 year old was pretty daunting.


He was portayed as quite the gentleman Paul, did you get that impression?


Absolutely. He had plenty of time for us (there were four of us - we hung around on the off chance that we might meet them after the gig)

Came across as a really nice bloke. Must have chatted to him for five minutes, everyone else had buggered off, so we had him to ourselves.


That’s great, one of the things l liked about the film was that Freddie came across as a decent guy, and I hoped it was true.

Bet that album cover is worth a few bob now mate, hope it gets pride of place in your hifi room when it’s finished.


About 50p I reckon. No proof of provenance mate. Except I know it’s genuine, which doesn’t count for a lot.


Well, 10 bob then, which is definitely a few. :wink:


Nah, that changed in 1971 :wink:


Watched a few episodes of that new F1 series on Netflix. Lots of effing and jeffing, I had to cover my ears at such fruity language :hear_no_evil:.


I was at Live Aid (Aged 12). I remember it was a sweltering day, it had been kind of exhausting as I didn’t care for many of the acts and it was a long walk through the crowd to get a drink. Queen came on - I didn’t like queen but the atmosphere changed, the smiles on peoples faces grew, they began to sing. Freddie was doing something different to the other acts on stage, the crowd willed him on, he goofed about with the camera man on stage and arrested attention further, the smiles grew the singing grew., energy rose. I have no idea why I was sensitive to all this as a 12 year old, perhaps it was the hormones? I can say the feeling has remained, I don’t think they did more than 30 mins but it stuck. I forgot Bowie was there I barely remember McCartney but I do remember Queen.


Rocky on ITV4


Shit from China, but hugely entertaining.


American Gods, Season 2 :+1:


Cheltenham hoss racing …


‘After Life’ on Netflix, Ricky Gervais.
Brilliantly refreshing/raw study on grief. Won’t say anymore, but for me helped a great deal.

It has to be good for me to have a night without music.


Better than Rocky IV on ITV


5th episode of shetland … not bad at all


Time to blow my own trumpet :trumpet::trumpet::trumpet::trumpet:

Watching ITV Drama ‘The Cheat’, nearly fell off my chair as it features a Library building I designed. Proud moment.

I’m not normally one for trumpet blowing, but had to share!

Oh, and it’s a good drama (I think) :blush: