What I'm watching


Only seen it once, be ironic if that’s the lot and I watch the whole series waiting…


Any pics?


Funnily enough my old practice have put it at the top of their twitter feed. Not that I’m bitter…

Tbh I was absolutely shitting myself when I went to the opening, as it sits opposite an amazing grade 1 listed uni building. A relief that it turned out well.


Ah, sort of Frank Lloyd Wright meets Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

In a bar :wink:


I’ll take that



I think it works, although who am I to comment. Never got close to designing anything as grand as that. It was a long time ago,most of the work I did (many years ago) was under principal architects on listed/historic buildings. Very enjoyable, but not headlining work.


Quite fancy going the conservation route, appreciate it more with age


Obviously, it is a completely different route, working within extremely tight boundaries, but still very rewarding to feel that you can reproduce the skills and beauty that seem like a lost art.


My ex-lodger is a craft blacksmith who is mostly doing restoration work (Hampton Court, Chatsworth etc). A real challenge that she enjoys.


Where is that?


RHUL in Windsor. Lovely place.


On a random note - It looks very skateboard friendly, lots of steps, handrails and low walls. You will also be very popular in those circles.


I did a student graduate film for them e few years back thinking it was a London college we shot somewhere in Egham.


They spent a several million on the landscape (can’t take the credit for the design, company called Plincke). It used to be a car park, now intended to be a multifunctional space for student events etc.

No public access per se, so limited to the students of the uni.


looks a fantastic building , must be a very very proud moment


Haven’t seen it before. Beautiful.


Irish Rock at The BBC



One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing, with the 7 year old.

Lovely to watch something with such an amazing cast, Derek Nimo in particular is a personal favourite. Can’t help but feel that it’s probably quite racist by modern standards mind!


i have the soundtrack and enjoy it


Both Wall-e and UP ! are masterpieces.