What I'm watching


Saturday at 10.30pm on BBC4,from 2005;


Watched Ep1 of Altered Carbon last night. Not sure what I think as yet. Also planning to give La Casa De Papel a look.


Watched the first episode of the X-Files new series on Channel 5 last night.
God it’s shit - why did they ever bring it back.


Having told myself that I was really fed up with time travel/body swap/zombies/post apocalyptical/unbelievable odd situations nonsense type series Altered Carbon pops up. Once I passed the early scene with zombies which was not what it seemed it has developed well. I am finding this well above average for it’s genre


Still enjoying this


It was good, but the books are epic.


Black Lightening: Episode 3


I’ve somehow watched the first two episodes. I’m not sure it’s worth watching any more.


I quite like it and didn’t expect too. Rather bizarrely I like it more than Altered Carbon so far…


Gomorra. Fantastic, just fanbloodytastic.


Just started Altered Carbon. So far, so excellent.


The cliff hanger in Casa De Papel is a sweaty one - As are the withdrawals from

Season 2 looks like Dec.


Looks more like Dr Pimple Popper Extreme.


Excessive sideboob??



When Coal Was King - Timeshift

BBC4 now


Have to say Gomorrah does not not disappoint.

Worth all three seasons and I can see more to come.


YouTube tool comparison videos.

There is only so much hole drilling and tool talking a gentleman can take of an evening. I’m spent.


We have been enjoying Taskmaster. A stupid and funny show.




The Olympics opening ceremony