What I'm watching


Me too. Good so far :+1:


Boring bit now. Just waiting for the fireworks at the end


Sounding like a bad karaoke night now


very bad. Painful


The Korean Van Morrison !!!




Just watched 10 Cloverfield Lane - what a load of shit.:worried:


Thank you Barry Norman.

I’ll give it a miss then


I am the harshest critic in the world - just look at the stick I give ‘my team’ on the football thread.


Watched it at the local pictures the other month. Love it.


Young Offenders on Channel III. Original. Funny.


Nearly watched it tonight. Then we read the reviews online. Ouch!

As for Altered Carbon… I can’t believe I heard a woman ask if he wanted to put it in her C word.



Are you confusing it with the new Cloverfield film that just came out.

The one I watched got mainly very good reviews - which is why I bought it on DVD.:pensive:


Oh aye. Yeah.
The Netflix one gets hammered. The older film isn’t that bad.


The original Cloverfield movie is a bit slow for the first 30 minutes but is well worth watching. The new one is shite.


I downloaded the first few episodes of season three from the internetz complete with bad subs at the start of the year. The scene at the rundown hotel on the beach front - especially good.

So I’m looking forward to watching the legit episodes from the beginning on Sky.




:open_mouth: Everton :open_mouth:


Fucking awful


I loved that!