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Given the world and his wife knows ‘whodunnit’ I never understood why they bothered remaking it.


Perhaps the reason I enjoyed it was that I didn’t know!


I didn’t know either, have never watched any of the other versions and can’t stand Suchet as parrot.

It’s just a very shit film made so that Branagh can stroke his over inflated ego.


Old Grey Whistle Test to return for a three hour, live, one off show on 23rd Feb on BBC4


Gomorrah Season three.

The Italians haven’t lost their touch for making wonderful spaghetti western. The locations are stunning and the soundtrack is perfect.


Haven’t forgiven that smug twat for trying to be dismissive to New York Dolls calling them ‘mock rock’.


Tuesday night 8.pm



Fucking hell, bear a grudge why don’t you.

How long ago?


Once a twat…



1973 and the blokes still a smug cunt.


Great lineup: Peter Frampton, Richard Thompson Albert Lee as the main event with support from Dave Stewart, Joan Armatrading, Kiki Dee and Danny Baker (:skull_and_crossbones:).

Not much of interest to the under 70’s in that little lot


I’m partial to a spot of Richard Thompson when the mood strikes. Rumour and Sigh is a fantastic album, as is Live from Austin Texas.

Not even heard of all the rest mind.


Yes,was hoping for some Annie Nightingale input,but looks more like a Bob Harris line up.

Still the best music show in my lifetime though.


I don’t mind him at all, and wasn’t having a go at individual artists. It is the collective statement made by choosing this group that irritates me a bit. (e.g wasn’t Kiki Dee last heard of in a duet with Elton John in about 1976?)

I really liked the Whistle Test from later on in the 1980s. The Tube had its moments too. The OGWT was years out of date before its first revamp in about 1978/9 when there was a sudden deluge of bands with short hair and tight trousers playing 3 minute songs.


Preferred it without the audience in the 70s/early 80s


From when it was great


having a bit of an Anna Friel fest at the moment, she is a tad bloody good. Crunched the GFE mini series and loved that. Any lesser actress wouldn’t have carried that off, would of just ended up as a tits n ass thing, she just bought it alive.

Marcella right now, storming performance.


Met Bob Harris several times when he put on gigs at the Stables around 2003-4. He was always chatty and very enthusiastic about the music. Some great gigs as well.


Watched Collateral last night on BBC2, quite enjoyed it, will probably have another go next week :+1:


New Series starting now