What I'm watching


I’ll catch up with it on the och-aye player.

I thaaangyoo.




Very good, on Netflix in April.


I saw The Shape Of Water today.

It’s curiously romantic with occasional jarring violence, a fantasy beauty and the beast where the male monster is imprisoned, and rescued by the female human.

Despite not having much in the way of surprises, and having fairly one dimensional characters apart from the lead, I rather enjoyed it. Though I reckon its 7.8 on IMDb was slightly generous.


Watched the 2nd episode of Altered Carbon yesterday, it’s growing on me.


Need to keep watching that; I’ve become terrible at starting series and then forgetting about them.


Worth sticking with and pretty well aligned to the book.


Just watched epsiode 3 at lunch time, starting to work for me :+1:


I’m up to ep7. It’s really not bad at all.


Already finished altered carbon.
For the ambivalent ones out there, just watch the episode with the naked sword fight.

Over and over again.

I can hear you all reaching for your remotes! It’s that good…


Altered Carbon does seem to be getting better.


The Wrestler.

Well acted. Fucking miserable.


Watched some more Altered Carbon (episode 4), it’s getting better.


It has a nasty dip into fairy tale and fantasy and then picks up again.


The Boston Strangler


Tony Curtis?


Yup that’s the one.




Actually I was once interviewed (not under oath) about a murder in Boston. I didn’t do it though. Another lad from my school did.