What I'm watching


You potentially know you are in a bind when they hand you the paper suit.


Just finished Altered Carbon. That was most enjoyable. I am sure someone will be along to tell me why it was awful but I really couldn’t give a shit!


Was expecting a poncy arty film after all the reviews and oscar nominations but wow what a fucking fantastic film. Sam Rockwell does some absolutely superb acting and Francis McDormand is just brilliant. Very funny moments in a really great script.


Kill Bill Vol 2




Dull. Universally feted but had me checking my watch.


Just watched this :slight_smile:

Interesting leap back in time about diesel cars…


From the time when Clarkson wasn’t such an arse.


I’m currently rowing my way through the BBC’s Requiem and, despite it being nonsense, I’m quite enjoying it.


Went to see Three Billboards at the new Curzon. Decent film, better than i was expecting.


Homeland Series 7


She nearly cried.


I saw Coco yesterday, a fantastic Pixar film. It has just the right amount of comedy to offset the sentimentality, lovely.


Recommend Derry Girls on All4.
Very funny…


Is it about him building amps?


No it’s about spraying beer all over the fucking place


Adam prolly said his amp building was comedic, that why Pete threw the beer over him :joy:


On the first point, I didn’t spray it, more threw it.

On the second, it was pretty well targeted, rather than all over the place.

Thirdly, it was Fosters, so not actually beer.




Can we ask which of your mild & well intentioned opinions provoked this response?


Reminds me of the fork incident at Mikes. :rofl: