What I'm watching


Yeah, except that time Pete was on the receiving end :rofl:


“What are the best Watts?”


Sounds like a name for my HiFi company. ‘Best Watt’


You’ll be traded out the market by ‘Bestest Watt’ with their tagline ‘We have all the best watts’.


Feck’s sakes. Marketing fail.


S and A are right next to each other, easy typo


Just discovered Young Offenders on bbc iPlayer.
Irish and very entertaining…


:confused: Be a tWatt ?



Shetland road sign



Yeah it was too subtle / crap huh?


Just crap.


I watched Sausage Party last night, fucking funny. And despite it being very fucking sweary, Claire liked it as well.


Just got back from seeing it (The Shape Of Water). I’m glad I did. It has a slight ‘comic book’ quality but it was beautifully done with a lot of attention paid to getting the detail just the way the director clearly wanted it. OK, the plot does revolve around a few sci-fi tropes, but tropes are popular for a reason - they form a structure for good stories.

If you really don’t have time to see both though then catch Three Billboards before this. That’s a more substantial piece and I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t come out on top at the Oscars.



Yeah Three Billboards is a great film, but the Shape of Water is well worth seeing. It has the gentle incongruity of a French film where you don’t really know what’s happening but you don’t really mind that, as you’re enjoying the journey.


Homeland Series 7:

Claire Danes continues to stress all and sundry whilst sustaining the look of a woman who has been point blank privy to Jim’s ‘special wind’



I decided to give up on Homeland after the last series. She is just way too annoying.


Yes the ‘troubled’ self righteous schtick is tired.


Well done, I gave up after the first.


I like to watch it now and then to cheer me up a bit :rofl: