What I'm watching


Thought drink transfer is a new thing to me






That bottle of Emva is beginning to look good


Down in one…


Up in two…


Just finished Altered Carbon - very good.



Game over man!


The Take on CH4


BBC 4 Anne nightingale


Pepper Pig…again


You poor, poor bastard. Even the odd cameo from Brian Blessed and Alexander Armstrong doesn’t make it tolerable.


When I see puddles, I hear her in my mind


Your mistake is in admitting that channels other than CBeebies exist to small people. While stuff like Peter Rabbit and Biggleton are properly annoying, they are not in the same league and you can divert onto Duggee when required.


Enjoyed that very much!


This. My kids have moved from CBeebies to CBBC, but still no other channels. Despite us having cable with dozens of them.


There’s a good case for retaining the age of 21 as a threshold for some things at least.



9:00 on Friday next. First show of two, featuring Lamont Young amongst others.


A Bridge Too Far…for, at least, the thirtynth time


I watched Bad Taste last night during the annoying insomnia.

I don’t know what Peter Jackson did between that and Lord of the Rings, but I hope it was essentially nothing. I like to think that the producers of LotR got all their millions in a huge pile, watched loads of films and when then got to Bad Taste they went, “yep, that’s our man!”