What is the point?


Why have a whole section for TV and movies if every new thread is going to be merged into the main thread?



Ask @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi - he’s the master thread consolidator. :dizzy_face:


This thread merged into “The shit that …” thread in T minus 5 …


I might start some threads about films/tv I haven’t watched and am definitely not watching to see if they get merged.


Merge the boards.

I might amend this section to include books too. That will dramatically increase traffic.


I think we need enough sections on the forum so it takes about 5 minutes to scroll down them all. That works brilliantly.


Organise the fun to death. Boardgasms for those that love to categorise.


I think the mods are doing a wonderful job, and they should just crack on. Ungrateful bunch of cunts.


Getting engaged has changed you man.:weary:


What have you done? You are clearly guilty about something if you are sucking up to the mods.


Light regulation; what could possibly go wrong ? It’ll all be fine.


Just saying it how I see it.
Mods are great and we have the bestest ones.


Dear God, a loved up bumtell is a frightening thing.


It is a very difficult job. Some, like Terry, are fucking useless at it. But the others more than make up for his deficiencies.


Them ain’t freckles on this boy’s nose…


Should we start thinking about a title for the next breakaway forum?


There you go.


Wot cos this one haz gone too cuddlywuddly bunny with floppy ears?

I need to get you some bullying…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


We don’t need a breakaway forum, we just nuke this one and start again