What is Vacdac listening to ? V1.3


1995 LP


Bugger ! This is brilliant.

Yet another fucking purchase made :cry:

@Waxy, I’m comin’ for ya.


Last one before bread in the oven and the main event


Pfft. I bought two LPs this afternoon…

One of them, the Lump LP, has to go back as it’s shaped like a fucking pudding bowl.


Don’t quite see how these act as a build up to The Pogues, tbh.


Hate it when that shit happens


Yeah. The artists were actually in store doing a record signing. I jumped the queue as I had chosen another LP, and asked them to chuck in a copy of Lump as I didn’t need it signed. It’s going back tomorrow.


Inspired by the Peel session comments.
The best Ruts recordings available anywhere


Sometimes the promoter should be shot before dawn


I get ya, needle ping


I’m gonna have to sell my feckin’ turntable, to fund my record purchases :rofl:


A band I’ve never heard


That is something you need to rectify :+1:
A sample


you must have heard Babylon’s Burning ?



Now I know who they are