What kind of record collector are you?


Pfft ! He doesn’t have any Grey, Red, half tones, bi or tri-colours, swirls, the list just goes on and on.

Hell, he doesn’t even have any of the common ones.

Amateurs ! Give the real thing (ex) a bad name.



New project?


Get 'im lads - burn the witch!

I don’t fit the categories - scattergun of randomness, mixing stuff I know I really like, with random “let’s try this” from the big record barn in town since most of his stuff is not much more £££ than the charity shops.


Norris McWhirter


Used to visit a Car Boot over a decade ago where a milkman used to sell the vinyl he’d scavenged up on his round during the week.
Most Sundays I’d totter back to the car financially bereft after a good haggle but with bags of rare vinyl.
Them were t’days.


In an attempt to relive the Summer of Love Hippie Dream, made a pilgrimage to Amoeba Records, Haight Ashbury, San Fransisco.
Now THAT is a feckin record store.





A few friends were there last year. And not one of them owns a deck!


Feckin Vinyl Scenester Tourists getting under the feet of the genuine addicts who have just scraped together/stolen enough nickels & dimes to ward off the shakes with a vinyl fix.


Exactly. All they bought were t-shirts and mugs. Didn’t even get me a key ring. Cunts


The only upside being… the profit margin on Tacky Tourist Shit is massive compared to that of vinyl


Sam’s time in San Fran coincided with my 50th birthday - flew over on air miles, and while there she pointed me at Amoeba and said “if you can carry it back to the car, it’s yours…” - car was parked about 30 minutes walk away! Wish I worked-out, but my arms are still 6" longer than they were and I got some ACE stuff :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Marvellous store in a great city.
Sam’s not too bad either… :smile:


Asked our San Fran friend Gina to take me to Haight Ashbury, “err I dont go there” was her reply. So I said would she take me if I was just ONE hour in Amoeba?
So she drops me off, I set watch & hit the store. So, its vinyl only obvs.
Have a mental wish list & hit the racks. Exactly ONE HOUR later I’m on the street with bags of records and feeling pretty smug.
So, where is my better 1/2 & Gina?
They are about 1/2 mile down the street loaded with shopping.
“We had the best time the shops are sooooo funky i’m bringing all my girlfriends here!”



Judging the state of some of my records there has been long periods when I have not been a very good collector :man_dancing: :beer:


I used to travel to the US, 3 times a year and made sure I got a weekend in San Francisco, pretty much specifically for record shopping. Amoeba is great but my favourite shop was/Is Groove Merchant at Haight and Pearce (I think).


I feel a trip to Murrica just for record shopping coming on :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t know.


There is also an Amoeba in LA where I have bought loads of Vinyl. Great Blues section.


What’s their Ltd. Edition, coloured vinyl section like ?


I don’t know I am not a collector of that. But it is there largest store so it should be adequate.