What kit are you listening to today?


No, I think @ICHM has merely commented on the price of the Air Scouts (the justification of which is debatable) whereas @hifinutt has got hold of the shitty end of the stick.




Lack of Scalar waves, this is the root of discontent. With More Scalar waves we could fuck this place off and go full telepathic.


I despair of this lack…

Thank the Scum Gods that we have Nob San and A J Van den Plas to lead us thru this darkness… :pray:


ah sorry ichm , i thought you meant the thrax !


yes sorry about that


so past 2 days had various folks round to hear tannoy eaton legacy . some being tannoy owners . been very entertaining to hear the frugallhorns with supernait 2 which ii find beautifully clear and reasonably adequate bass considering its a single driver

tonight had organist musician friend round to evaluate the tannoy and frugalhorn using valve pre and class A amp. i don`t think i have heard much like it with the tannoys . very capable speaker for the money .

anyone else heard the eaton ?


Do you mean original 70’s Eaton to be found for £400 on the used market, or brand new reissued Eaton for the princely sum of over £4000?


I guess by calling them legacy they are the new spendy ones.
I think you have to sit quite a way from them to hear them at their best.


What, in another room where you have a decent set of horns?


At least that. Probably a different building tbh. Never heard a pair of Tannoys I liked.

I worry that the random buying of kit and pairing it with random amps will lead to ultimate dissatisfaction.

Well I don’t really worry. I struggle to give a fuck tbh. But it does seem a bit mad.


Wheras dealerscum cluster around threads like this like flies round a turd - synchronised happy-wanking :ok_hand:


the new eatons , thats why i called them legacy .pig ugly though !!!


they are quite small and they sound fine in normal listening position , same as other speakers one has had .


Instead of buying lots of stuff and trying it at home you should just waste lots of dealers time, and biscuits and tea and tour the country listening to stuff. It is what they both want and deserve.

Then go to Long Eaton, have some very nice Viscount biscuits, and spend yer pennies there.


In a retro set up they would look fine.

You have to wonder what the real sonic differences are between them. If I were just experimenting and had your track record of trial and error choices then I’d buy an old pair so I didn’t lose any money.


Has anyone tried the legacy ones against the originals.


new (to me) Tenuto mat on the DP80 looks nice after a bit of elbow grease with some metal polish

not totally sure what it has done to the sound yet (as need to keep the volume down during the day) but its not made things worse so far

will prolly need to redo the setup on my cart as its a different depth to the rubber DP80 mat

anyone else use one of these things - any tips?



Is it a 3mm one or a 5mm one? The top surface has a clear coating so don’t overdo polishing it!