What kit are you listening to today?


Yes, ignore anyone trying to tell you that its the wrong way round or doesn’t fit :+1:


Good question looks 3mm

Gentle polish with metal polish made a big improvement


Lovely looking decks those Denons and the JVC QLs.


if you are passing you are welcome to hear them and anyone else . be interested in folks thoughts , especially if they have had the old ones .

although these ones won`t be here too long i suspect before dealer wants them back . if they are still here friday i want to take them over to brumjams and listen with his homemade pass amp




Got a lovely used Denon system in.


Finally connected up TT.

Verdict is that it is a bit ugly, but it does sound very good.
Which is a bit better than her verdict on me tbh.




Liked them from way back in the early Scalford days in the AOS room


Excellent dealer logo placement.


And best of all, it’s all @edd9000’s fault :+1:


He made you put it there?


big boys made me do it


Very nice speakers,probably a bit to big for my room


Now fixt (reload images) :angel:




I’m glad to see the proper speaker cable. I’m also glad that then new speakers havent ruined your profit margins.


Nup - proper speaker cables and absolutely no risk of profit margins. :+1:


He so needs one that actually says “dealer scum”