What kit are you listening to today?


Just checked the T/S specs. Pretty good all round. Though the Fs is a touch high for an OB, are you eq’ing some extra bass down there?

I use the mini DSP 2x4. Good unit IMV


AE Speakers TD15M


Never tried them. I like the PD range.


You can buy Disco 2 ways with a 15" driver plus a HF horn. Well anyway I am trying it now - 15" driver and RAAL 140 -15.


Me too, but for extended response nothing touches the AE drivers. Or Xmax, etc etc.


Cheers. Yes I have seen these - They are expensive but might be brilliant.


Fair point. I only need up to 150Hz so the PDs work well for me.


Then you need these http://aespeakers.com/shop/td/td18h/ :smiley:


Blimey! Good spec.

I’ve just fitted these in my large 1/4 wave cabinets:


For me the two crucial T/S params for bass drivers are low Qt and high B/L

My cabinets are made for 15" and I’m not remaking them!

I get a calculated F3 of 22Hz and I get measured output at 18Hz no bother. They’re essentially flat to 24Hz. I have to Eq out a couple of peaks below 100Hz because of the corner position and room size.


The clue’s in the word ‘disco’. :smiley:


Cheers I’ll put that Idea aside then.
Back listening to it as a three way now.


Put the Raal in a horn :smiley:



That’s a better idea - I think though that they are very expensive


Probably, and a bit beyond my CAD skills.


Have put the Totem Model 1 Sigs back in the system this morning, first time since I got the Modwright preamp.

Definitely a case of veils being lifted compared to the Proac 1SC’s I’ve been using. Absolutely no flab on the sound. The Proacs have a much more laidback, almost a little rolled off, sound that just seems to suit my rather safe musical tastes.Pipe and slippers for the win.

Need to find something that combines the best of both - but that may be pricey.


Sorry missed this question, normally I use no eq as I find that the bass is acceptable enough on its own. This week I have been slowly learning to trust that the DAC in the mini DSP is good enough. After a week of swapping I think the quality difference between that and the Jolida glassFX I have is very small and insignificant. The mini DSP which I have had for a while now is very impressive as a bargain fully loaded preamp


It certainly is a bargain. I kinda wish I’d gone for the HD version but it seems more than good enough. I have applied some eq to smooth out the worst room peaks and it’s helped a lot.

I will get round to doing a full set of measurements via REW and then port the settings over to the minidsp.


Here’s the stuff I’m using.

An SL1200GR & a Nag MP150 into a Yamaha A-S1000 amp. Its best feature is its phono stage, followed closely by a 2nd set of speaker terminals so I can connect a pair of subs.

Have an air cooled (and therefore silent) computer under the telly for playing all sorts of digial things. Internal Asus Xonar soundcard is my DAC with RCA outputs

This is my speaker cable and the interconnect between computer and hifi, the cheapest wire i could find running parallel to power cables. :sunglasses:

The elephant in the room are the big speakers I made about 5 yrs ago (for a dedicated hifi room in a different house) Their overall mass is tolerable as they’re in the corners and it’s a decent space. I added a pair of small BK 10" subs late last year, set to 40hz - made a significant improvement to the overall sound even though you can’t really hear them.

They can fully pressurise the room with a BIG sound.

I’ve no intentions of changing anything tbh.


You’ve an eye for a good-looking system mate :ok_hand:


Lols, you can tell it wasn’t put together for sound quality then. :smile: