What's in my advent calendar today

Turgid thread start, may well as give the mods some merge purge practice for chrimbo, the gift is all mine

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Fuck off it’s still November.


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Day 1 of the St Albans Beer shop advent calendar. We know them well, and asked them to curate a box of beers that they knew we would like and would challenge us a bit. Gave them a max budget

Hopped with Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic, this amazingly aromatic DIPA has all the tropical, peachy, citric vibes of our core pale ale, turned up to a juicy 8.1% for luxury drinking enjoyment.

placed in the beer fridge for later

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Love howling hops :ok_hand:

Chocolate snowman. No pics.

Appears to be a location in north central Siberia. Nearest settlement is Snezhnogorsk. Pretty much the definition of the end of the earth.

Day 1 of the Hop, Burns & Black (local indie bottle shop) advent calendar.

The case is likely to be heavily slanted to IPAs from (south) London breweries, with the occasional barking mad “bloody hell it’s like drinking a bonfire” 12% Czech imperial stout.


Day 2 is a Belgium Pale Ale

Beer Description: This is the latest beer by Brasserie de la Senne. It is bottle fermented for 4 months with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis yeast, making it 100% Brussels.


Bit early…

got out for chilling for tonight

Shocked to report that today’s beer is a South London IPA.

It may be Floc branded, but it was brewed at Gipsy Hill, a few hundred yards from here.

Last night’s beer was unctuous, with strong hints of umami and a zesty mouthfeel. Actually I just made that shit up - it was a cloudy beer that tasted nice.


Dunno about advent, but xmas advert double-take of the day right here…



And also this…


I got a ‘Grooming Essentials’ advent calendar. Despite the promise of Prince Andrew related japes, all I have had thus far is nail brush (day 1) and a tube of shower gel (day 2).

Fuck You Grooming Essentials!


man wax or nasal hair trimmer

You need to have a stern word with the Antipodean management.

You are obviously in the dog house as no Lego calendar.

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You must be fucking joking.

This sounds like somebody is dropping a hint (i.e. “you are a scruffy bastard”).

Shades of a mate whose parents gave him a suitcase for Christmas (i.e. “fuck off”).